Silhouette Studio Software & Other Cutting Machines

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Silhouette Studio Software & Other Cutting Machines

I am asked regularly by customers and students if they can use the Silhouette Software with their Cricut or Scan N Cut. 

The answer is YES!  You will still need to use your machine software to send designs to them for cutting, but you can design in Silhouette Studio.  If you plan on making designs for other machines, or building a business, you will need the Business Edition.  The Business Edition offers many features that the other Editions do not offer.

My favorites are:

Exporting to SVG - This is important is you will be selling designs

Weed lines - Saves vinyl and help the weeding process to be quicker and less mishaps

Click here to upgrade your software Silhouette Studio Upgrade

In this video I show you a diagram of all the icons in Silhouette studio labeled for your ease os use.

Download and print, then put in a sheet protector or laminate.  Keep it by your computer so you can refer to it when you design.  Enjoy!

Go to my store HERE to download the PDF of Silhouette Studio Icons

If you have any questions, please reach out to me in my Facebook group by clicking the Facebook Icon.


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