How Can I Use my SVG Files with Silhouette Studio Basic Edition

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Converting SVG files to DXF for use in Silhouette Studio Basic Edition

I see this question all the time in Facebook groups.  The standard response is "upgrade to Designer Edition"

Well... what if you don't want to upgrade, but still want to use all the SVG files you have downloaded for free or paid for?  Here is a FREE solution.

Just a few steps after installing Inkscape (FREE software), and your SVG file will be DXF suitable for importing into Silhouette Studio Basic Edition.

Click here and follow this link to download Inkscape for free!

In this video, I will go through the steps of importing an SVG file and saving it as a DXF file.


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( HINT:  If you ran "transcribe" on the video you can past that here )


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