DIY Light Up Bucket

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DIY Light Up Bucket

In this video, I will teach you to make a DIY Light Up Bucket.

I made my DIY Light Up Bucket with my Cricut Maker Machine.

These buckets can be used for camping, the patio, the beach, special occasions, anywhere you want to set a mood or add color.  Also, if you live in an area that is prone to power outages from hurricanes, etc, these lights provide battery operated lighting for pathways or kids rooms, or any other use.

The lights inside are LED water submersible, remote controlled lights.  I purchased them at Amazon. Here is the link to the lights on Amazon...LED SUBMERSIBLE LIGHTS

The vinyl I used is 651.  You may see it called permanent, decal vinyl, sign vinyl.   There are many brands.

Oracal, Starcraft, Prime Cuts, FDC, and others.  I get my 651 (permanent vinyl) from Expressions Vinyl.

  • Measure the bucket area where you want the design to be placed.
    • My measurements are approx. 6" wide and 7" in height 
  • You will need to cut the design on your cutting machine and weed it.
  • Pick up the design using Transfer Tape
  • Prepare the surface of the bucket by cleaning with alcohol.
    • Be sure the alcohol is dry before attempting to apply vinyl
  • Carefully place the design on the bucket, burnish with your scraper.
  • Remove the transfer tape CAREFULLY, using a diagonal angle, being sure all of the design stays on the bucket
  • Place the light inside, and ENJOY!

If you have any questions, please reach out to me in my Facebook group by clicking the Facebook Icon.


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