Affiliate Links On My Blog

What is an “affiliate”?

An affiliate is a person who earns a commission from a seller in exchange for sending a customer who buys their product. Or to put is another way…

I may get commissions for purchases made through links in my blog posts.

How does this affect you?

That does not mean you pay anything extra for buying through links on my website. The affiliate commission is paid by the seller but they do not raise the price of the item being sold to pay that commission. It is one of their advertising expenses.

How does this affect me?

If you make a purchase by clicking one of my affiliate links and I earn a commission, I appreciate what you have done to help support my business. Those commissions are my income source and my reason for making this blog.

What is my policy on affiliate programs?

I only endorse products that I like and use or would use. If a company makes products that are good enough for me to use, then I am also open to joining their affiliate program. If their products are not that good, I won’t promote the product regardless of how much commission they pay. In short, I am an ethical affiliate.

Is everything on my blog earning a commission for me?

I wish!  Some products are part of an affiliate program and some are not. Regardless of whether they are or are not, I still use the good products and share what I know about them with my friends.

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